Admissions can be arranged over the telephone with an initial assessment with our admissions manager. You do not normally need a referral from your GP – you can refer yourself, or we can discuss the situation with your family member and give them our best advice for your individual situation.

If you are uncertain as to whether residential treatment is right for you, a phone call to our admissions’ manager will alleviate any concerns and you will have all the information you need to make a decision.

If you would like to visit, with a friend or family member, to help with your decision, you are most welcome – and a visit can be arranged by calling our admissions’ manager.

A Note on Mental Capacity, Admission under the influence of Substances, Self Discharge and Respecting the Client’s decisions.
Occasionally, clients are fearful of seeking help because they have a perception that they may be detained and prevented from leaving a facility. This is absolutely not the case at Bayberry – we are not a secure hospital and never detain clients – all of our clients are with us because they want to get well and are willingly participating within the programme.

Clients may admit to our service whilst under the influence of alcohol or substances – as this is the very issue for which they are seeking help. It is often not possible (for many reasons, including medical safety) for clients to detox without assistance.  The client is involved in all conversations, admissions and assessments.

Similarly, if a client decides, following admission, to discharge themselves then we have no capacity to detain them. We will, of course, do everything we can to effect a safe discharge (for instance ensuring the plan for onward travel, destination and family involvement). We, at all times, respect the decisions of our clients and whilst we will help and support them to make choices that support their wellbeing, we will never detain a client against their wishes.

Individuals that have been detained under the Mental Health Act for their own safety, often known as being ‘sectioned’, are not admitted to our facilities whilst this is active. We are not a secure hospital and do not lock doors to prevent clients from leaving.  All of our clients have chosen to admit and remain with us for their course of treatment and, if they choose to leave, are free to discharge themselves.

All of our staff are trained within, and adhere to, the Mental Capacity Act 2005 which can be read in full here. We are also adhere to local authority safeguarding requirements and will always work with the appropriate authorities to protect vulnerable people.

Costs of Treatment

We understand that the cost of treatment may be considered high. However, we would encourage you to look at this with the perspective that is needed when contemplating a life-changing personal transformation.

We are confident that our service offers excellent value for money with a world class, highly qualified and experienced team of people, focused on small groups and individuals in a high quality and attentive therapeutic environment. We are a pioneering organisation with an excellent regulatory inspection report and a team of dedicated, caring and empathic professionals, devoted to the care of our clients.


Our fees include all meals, drinks, accommodation and full therapeutic programme. We believe our programme offers exceptional value – with a wide variety of treatment modalities included, for one inclusive fee.

We understand that everyone is different – so we offer a wide range of differing accommodation options (from single rooms – right through to feature rooms and en suites) – and the costs increase commensurate with the accommodation required, the added features of the experience and the number of people within that particular facility.

Private Health Cover
We have arrangements with a number of private health insurers and we are a BUPA extended network clinic. If you have private health insurance, checking your policy or speaking with your insurer will assist you in confirming if your policy provides cover for addiction and/or mental health treatment. Our team are happy to assist and can provide supporting information on fees and processes.

Loans and Financing
We are currently unable to offer loans or financing directly.


Aftercare (a twice per week live, online group session) is free of charge, subject to successful completion of agreed programme) and terms of participation.


What our clients say

  • My life today is amazing. I have never again suffered the flashbacks that I had been having. I have complete freedom, I value my life, and I am a different person to the one a year ago.  I will be eternally grateful to Mike, I owe him so much.
    LR., former Bayberry client
  • I am so blessed. I would be honoured and humbled if my amazing experience could help another. Kind regards to you and all the angels of Bayberry.
    BW., former Bayberry client
  • Thank you from my heart. I feel restored, on track and I have a great hope. Without you guys, that may not have been the case - thank you.
    PT,.former Bayberry client
  • You are a fantastic team of people with hearts full of love and compassion. Thank you so much!!
  • I think anyone that walks through the doors of Bayberry is privileged to be given the unique opportunity to embrace recovery - thank you for providing me with safety and love that undoubtedly helped me start to heal.
    SN,.former Bayberry client
  • My gratitude to you all is boundless and eternal.
    GR,.former Bayberry client

Call Melanie on 0800 690 6366 to arrange a visit, reserve a place or to find out more


Terms and Conditions

Full terms and conditions are provided on admission, and upon request prior to admission, however for clarity, the main terms are shown below:

1. Agreement to Comply with the Programme
When you enter treatment, you agree to comply with the programme, to behave appropriately (for instance, threatening behaviour towards staff or other clients is not tolerated) and to follow the house rules. Failure to comply can result in exclusion from the programme.

2. Early Discharge
Fees are non-refundable. In the event of early discharge (either against medical advice or due to contravention of item 1. above) we will be unable to refund any fees paid during the current period.

3. Minimum Age Requirement
We only admit adults aged 18 and above.

Our Registration and Status

We are registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission – the government body tasked with monitoring, assessing and reporting upon the standard of treatment and care provided in residential care facilities in England and Wales.

We are a limited company, registered in England and Wales, registered number: 6809492