Welcome to Bayberry Wellness and Recovery Centres – Located near Solihull, Birmingham, Warwickshire, Coventry and West Midlands. We offer a wide range of residential based private treatments for; mental health, alcohol, substance misuse, and any wellbeing challenges including stress, burnout, anxiety, grief, loss and more. Our aim is to create a calm, comfortable and caring environment for your recovery. FOR OUR FULL RANGE OF PACKAGES AND PRICES, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Need help now? Free advice from the clinical team on 0800 690 6366 or use our Live Chat system to speak to our admissions team, click on ‘Chat now’ in the bottom right hand corner of the page.


“It’s what’s inside that counts”


Trusted by professionals; we are one of the leading mental health facilities trusted by the NHS to support their team. Whether you are seeking support yourself or looking to support a family member or friend, call us to find out how we can help: 0800 690 6366. Any pre-admission and assessment calls are free of charge with the aim to help you understand your options and how we can best support you.

Pioneers, leading the way for bespoke treatment. We have found the best way to combine healthcare, residential and treatment with wellbeing. We offer medical detoxes (Detoxification), GP consultations, trained and qualified therapists and 24/7 support; with the balance of SPA and gym access, mindfulness, meditation, reflection, fitness, healthy food and more, to create the PERFECT BALANCE for recovery.

You are free to bring your phone, laptop or iPad with you as we want you to recover with peace of mind you can continue to communicate with your friends and family. We allow family and friends to visit the site by appointment and support off site visits at the weekends.

Do you accept private medical insurance? We are proud partners of BUPA, WPA, HEALIX and CIGNA. Check with your insurers to see if you are covered for our programmes. Call us if you need any help 0800 690 6366.


What people say about Bayberry

  • Bayberry is so much more than a place of healing; it is a place of enlightenment.
    JK,.former Bayberry client
  • Bayberry, to me, means I get to live the life I was meant to live, a life that I was not aware existed.
    PJ,.former Bayberry client
  • Perhaps the biggest gift I can give back is to let you watch me grow and blossom in a new life in recovery. Thank you!!
    ES,.former Bayberry client
  • I can't really find the words to say how grateful I am and how much I owe every one of you.
    ML,.former Bayberry client
  • Bayberry is a wonderful home for home for those in need - I am so grateful that you were there for us.
    HT,.former Bayberry client
  • This is a new start for me, a person I have never been before. The Real Me!
    GT,.former Bayberry client

exceptional professionals, dedicated to your recovery and wellbeing .

residential places across three tranquil properties.

words exchanged in a one to one session.

individual treatment programme that is unique to you.

The UK’s most comprehensive, inclusive programme:

One to One Therapy

Just you and the therapist in sessions that focus on your needs and the way forward.


Group Therapy

The opportunity to talk within a small group of others sharing similar experiences, guided by the therapist.


Rewind Therapy

An extremely effective therapy for trauma, that helps with the processing of distressing memories.



TWO year’s free aftercare, following successful completion of programme – an opportunity to connect with your peers and the team each week.


Fully Inclusive Fees

Weekly fee includes accommodation, food and drinks, full therapeutic programme, medications related to treatment and 24/7 care.

Individual Therapies

The range of therapies available, incorporated to suit the individual, includes relapse prevention, life skills training, spiritual and cultural support, individual psychotherapy and psycho-education according to location.

World class therapists

Our people are the foundation of all we do. Our skilled therapists are highly qualified and experienced, offering world class therapy with excellent outcomes.

Residential Treatment

A comprehensive, inclusive,  effective and compassionate residential treatment service.

One of the most comprehensive programmes available in the UK

Exceptional, in-house, private facilities providing some of the world’s leading therapeutic treatments, within one, all-inclusive, fee.


Medical Admission

Medical admission assessment with Consultant Psychiatrist or GP as appropriate.


Healthy Living

Treating the whole person is essential – and we incorporate fitness and healthy eating as integral parts of the residential programme – to promote an overall feeling of wellness and wellbeing.


Creative Therapy

Guided, expressive arts, providing insight and healing, with this gentle therapeutic modality.



A focussed, guided mindfulness based cognitive therapy, that raises self-awareness and facilitates recovery.


Mood Management

An excellent therapeutic model for learning new behaviours and reinforcing positive mood states.



Corporate membership of our local spa – with swimming pool, fitness classes, weights’ room and cardio machines.

Life Script

Knowing the ‘script’ (or psychological process) that is driving your actions and feelings is paramount in engaging with, and understanding, the essence of your own story – providing powerful self awareness that can support life transformation.


Family Counselling

Addiction affects everyone – partners, children, parents and siblings. Our programme supports and incorporates family members to repair broken relationships and strengthen a future together.

CQC Registration

We offer Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulated registered primary treatment facilities at: Bayberry Manor (incorporating Bayberry Cottages) near Birmingham and Coventry; and Bayberry Meadows near Solihull, Leamington, Birmingham and Oxford.

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