Bayberry Meadows

Bayberry Meadows

  • Bayberry is so much more than a place of healing; it is a place of enlightenment.
    JK,.former Bayberry client
  • Bayberry, to me, means I get to live the life I was meant to live, a life that I was not aware existed.
    PJ,.former Bayberry client
  • Perhaps the biggest gift I can give back is to let you watch me grow and blossom in a new life in recovery. Thank you!!
    ES,.former Bayberry client
  • I can't really find the words to say how grateful I am and how much I owe every one of you.
    ML,.former Bayberry client
  • Bayberry is a wonderful home for home for those in need - I am so grateful that you were there for us.
    HT,.former Bayberry client
  • This is a new start for me, a person I have never been before. The Real Me!
    GT,.former Bayberry client

Bayberry Meadows Lounge

Private Gardens

Dining Room

Relaxation and Comfort

Our guest lounge is designed for comfort and homeliness. Deep, squashy sofas set around a spacious room, flooded with light, give space to rest and relax in comfort. A flat screen TV offers on demand movies via Netflix, or sit at the desk, writing your journal, and contemplate the gardens and meadows through the windows beyond.


Private gardens surround the property, with high hedges sheltering the lawns. Fields and meadows beyond give a sense of space and distance – with neighbouring horses and sheep, across the fields, the only companions to a lazy afternoon in the garden.


Our gorgeous dining room looks out through the French windows to the gardens and meadows beyond.


Journaling Desk

The Heart of the House

Beautiful, individual rooms – all single occupancy

Bayberry Meadows offers private rooms, each with their own distinctive style. A range of styles and facilites gives choice with a pricing range to suit – and each is equipped with extremely comfortable beds with quality linens, quirky accessories and furnishings.

To write, to think, to discover…

A favourite spot with clients, the deep buttoned back chair rocks gently as you ponder your journey to date to add to your diary. Looking up from the page, you instantly gaze through the windows, across the lawns, and to the fields beyond. A metaphor for being present, in the moment, but looking ahead to the hope of tomorrow.

Food and Wellness

Our amazing kitchen truly is the heart of our ‘home from home’. It’s a gathering place; a sociable, welcoming and warm environment. You’ll cook together and, under the guidance of our team, and will learn about food skills that will serve you throughout your stay and when you return home.

Bayberry Meadows

Bayberry Meadows is our newest location, based near Solihull in the West Midlands. Set in a spacious farmhouse and converted barns, surrounded by gardens and fields, and just a short walk from the famous Earlswood Lakes, Bayberry Meadows is an oasis of calm and serenity for recovery.

We currently offer just six places at Bayberry Meadows – all rooms are single occupancy, luxuriously styled and appointed and each with the quirky design and emphasis on comfort and relaxation for which we are known.

All our rates are fully inclusive of treatment, accommodation and all meals and drinks.

All clients are admitted by our doctor or our consultant psychiatrist; your fee includes any prescribed medications or blood tests and, on successful completion of our 28 day programme, you also have access to 3 years aftercare.

Visits to Bayberry Meadows are welcomed, by arrangement; allowing you to tour the facilities and chat with the team, without obligation.