Our Team

Our people are the foundation of all we do and we have assembled an expert team that delivers clinical excellence and therapeutic results, in a compassionate and caring way.  We provide a hugely supportive 24/7 presence across all of our sites. The senior and core team members are introduced on this page – and the rest of the team look forward to introducing themselves in person, too!

Our Clinicians

We know that one type of therapy doesn’t suit everyone. That would be simple. But people are complex. People are unique. People have individual needs and wants – their own perspectives on the world, and their own challenges. All are valid – all are recognised – and all have the opportunity to express their own authentic self. Our clinical team are highly experienced, clinically skilled, academically qualified, professionally accredited – and also kind, good-humoured, thoughtful, and non-judgmental.

Caring for You

We also know that your experience isn’t just about your therapy sessions – healing happens everywhere, and all the time. We pay attention to your environment, comfort, food and drinks, activities, holistic wellbeing – the big things and the little things that smooth out the way to create the best conditions for your wellbeing. We’re here, available and on-hand to chat to, to listen to your needs, to support you and to manage the day to day – the little things that, quite often, can mean a lot.