Bayberry Cottages

Welcome to Bayberry Cottages – a beautiful courtyard setting of stylish converted cottages, surrounded by fields and trees synonymous with the heart of rural Warwickshire.

The site comprises four cottages, clustered together. Two cottages are accommodation – three bedrooms in each – and with the added benefit of a lounge/dining room and kitchen, just for each cottage. The third cottage houses staff offices and the medical room, whilst our fourth cottage is large and all on one level – with a large activity room with comfortable sofas, armchairs and vaulted ceilings, a coffee house and 8 seater cinema with reclining chairs.

The site is small and compact enough to feel safe, secure and welcoming – but with lots of interesting spaces to be part of the group, or to spend some quiet time.

Bayberry Cottages has it’s own, dedicated and caring team – who provide a full and diverse daily programme of therapy, which is founded on our own research and academic work regarding environmental enrichment. This programme combines group therapy, fitness and yoga, and social connection – modelling a positive behavioural programme that is supported following discharge by our team, to support long term success.

We truly believe that we have created something very special, here at Bayberry. We want you to feel comfortable, supported and positive about your future – and will answer your questions and guide you throughout the process.

Family members or professionals are welcome to contact us, too, and we can provide more information on the suitability of our programme for your family member or patient.

Warm and Cosy Cottages

We offer a choice of rooms at Bayberry Cottages, housed within either the ladies’ cottages or the men’s cottage. All of our rooms are single occupancy – rooms vary in size, but the cost of all rooms is the same and rooms are allocated on booking.

Comfort and design are the key factors here within the Cottages – providing an oasis of warmth and tranquility – in which to recover.

Comfortable beds and sofas, eclectic furniture in a ‘country farmhouse’ style, mix with contemporary pieces in vibrant velvets combine to provide interesting and soothing spaces.

Kitchens within each cottage make it convenient to help yourself to food and drinks (all provided) and a lounge in each cottage is equipped with TV and freeview. Bedrooms also have TVs and there is WiFi throughout.

A sunny patio with plenty of furniture provides an outdoor gathering space, while gardens and orchards are a place to walk in the fresh air.

Relaxation and Comfort, Connection and Activity

The activity centre is the hub of social interaction and support.

This is the focal point of the site – a place to gather, chat, play games, watch movies, visit the coffee house and engage with your therapeutic groups. This entire facility supports just eight people at a time – allowing support and attention for all.

The lawn to the side of the cottage is a place to stand and gaze into the distance…across fields and to distant woodlands, with an apple orchard to the rear if you wish to wander a little further away to reflect. Depending on the time of year, our vast array of fruit trees provide apples, pears and myriad berries and herbs…as well as our ever popular strawberry patch in season.

The programme – the reason that we’re here

We’ve created a beautiful, comfortable, safe and tranquil place in which to recover – but that’s only a small part of what Bayberry has developed. With highly qualified clinicians, a caring and supportive team, we use our extensive experience and skill to take you on a journey to recovery with an aim that is, quite simply, life transforming.

We understand that the best results are seen when therapies are combined, so we use a wide range of treatments to achieve the best possible outcome. Our programme is well respected and achieves excellent results, ensuring that each individual is equipped not only with a short term recovery model, but tools to continue their recovery for life.

And, of course, once treatment is completed, we’re here for the longer term, too. Successful completion of our new and pioneering Bayberry Cottages 9 day inpatient stay provides free access to our unique online programme for six months, and two years of twice weekly, live online support groups  – allowing clients to manage their recovery around work and other responsibilities.

Rooms Available

Groom's Cottage

Groom’s Cottage offers three bedrooms, one is a single room on the ground floor, the other two rooms are upstairs – both are large double rooms (single occupancy).  High pitched ceilings ensure these rooms are bright and airy with a sense of space. Beds are comfortable, and the property interior is largely finished in wood, befitting the heritage of the buildings. A bathroom (with bath and over shower), a lounge and kitchen complete the facilities in Groom’s Cottage – providing more of a suite of rooms, than just a bedroom.

Just three clients share this cottage – with their own bedrooms, a kitchen and a comfortable lounge with TV.


Rooms Available

The Coach House

The Coach House offers three bedrooms, one is a single room on the ground floor, the other two rooms are upstairs and are double rooms (single occupancy).  Beds are comfortable and the contemporary style lounge with squashy sofas completes the look.

This cottage is shared by just three clients – each with their own bedroom. The cottage also has a lounge with TV, a kitchen and bathroom.


Coffee House and Activity Centre

We’ve reimagined Bayberry Cottages as a real-world creation of our research and work in enriched environments to support wellbeing and recovery. To this end, we’ve created a coffee house and luxurious activity room as a focal point for our well-being programme and social activities. We wanted to create an environment that models a lifestyle that can continue at home – so we’re including real-world and achievable day to day structures that are important in sustaining positive change.