Alcohol Help in Solihull

Bayberry clinic offers all inclusive, fast and accessible support for alcohol issues in Solihull, Leamington Spa, Birmingham, Redditch and Shirley. Our unique programme lasts for 28 days in a beautiful residential clinic, in a very small group, allowing you to address the underlying psychological or emotional issues that prompt the use of alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Now in our tenth year of providing local, private services, we offer fast admission to our Solihull facility, fast, gentle detox and the chance to transform your life with our brief intensive programme, backed up by long term aftercare.

We see alcohol problems as a symptom of underlying emotional pain; we support detox from alcohol safely, and our mission is to address the underlying issues that keep you trapped in the cycle of low mood and attempting to cope alone.

Alcohol problems arise for many reasons – but we have found that the primary cause is emotional pain or trauma caused by many potential issues. It could be grief or loss, it could be a sense of an unfulfilled potential. It could be due to prior disappointments, a traumatic or difficult childhood. Primarily, there is a disconnection between the achievement of joy in life and the individual – and our process is designed to regain this hope and excitement for the future, a life free of alcohol that is re-connected to the world around us.

No one is beyond help or support. Joining treatment is life affirming and transforming. Everyone’s life story is different – but all have led to a place of pain. We will guide you away from this pain and back to the life that you deserve.

We do not judge anyone who comes to us seeking help for alcohol problems. We understand how circumstances can escalate quickly and how difficult it is to solve the problems alone. We understand that alcohol issues may also trigger the use of drugs or prescription medications, too, and we treat any usage together. We understand that alcohol problems often mean that the individual is not caring for themselves properly – not eating well and not engaging with friends and family. Come as you are – we have no expectations and treat each person with respect, empathy and care.