Grief & Loss Support in Solihull

Grief and Loss are prevalent in many situations, including bereavement, estrangement and divorce. But we also see a growing number of people experiencing grief and loss in relation to their careers, after retirement, or any change of domestic circumstances. Grief and Loss also occur when related to old behaviours – even if these were harmful, such as alcohol or drug use – mourning the loss of something that may have provided comfort. Even if the event was expected – after perhaps a long illness or a planned separation – the extremes of emotion experienced can never be truly prepared for, even if we believe that we are emotionally ready.

Grief is a natural process. It mourns the loss and respects the incredible influence that someone, or something, had upon your life. It is a healthy and beneficial process that acknowledges the depth of emotion experienced. However, sometimes people get stuck in the torment of loss. They experience guilt, anger, shame, fear or regret – or any one (or combination) of a range of emotions that they are unable to successfully resolve.  Our programme incorporates therapeutic interventions for grief and loss that help people to successfully resolve these emotions that keep them in emotional pain.

Bayberry is highly skilled in supporting grief and loss – helping clients to resolve the emotional pain and locked thinking and to address unhealthy patterns of behaviour.  We offer our facilities in Solihull and Birmingham, across three specialised and focused tranquil environments, built around our ethos of supporting the individual person with their own unique circumstances.

If you are experiencing grief or loss and would like to talk to our team, without obligation, please call us free on 0800 690 6366 for an informal chat and advice on the ways in which we can help.