Depression Treatment in Solihull

Depression is hugely prevalent in modern society and largely treated by medication. Medication, whilst helpful in regulating mood, does not, however, provide a long term solution to the issue. Depression is usually defined as persistent low mood, loss of interest in activities that were previously enjoyed, a sense of hopelessness, helplessness, feeling of lack of self worth, low energy, lack of concentration and lack of purpose or ability to plan or see hope for the future and enjoyment in the present.

Depression can be part of a pattern of alcohol misuse or substance misuse. It can be triggered by a life event or there could be no perceptible trigger. But depression is all encompassing. People have described depression as like living under a permanent black cloud or having something weighing them down constantly. Attempts by family members to engage sufferers with activities and events is normally difficult – and hugely distressing for the family, too – who often wonder whether the issue is within the relationship or whether there is something that they should be doing differently to help.

We treat depression at our Solihull and Birmingham based clinics in the West Midlands and Warwickshire in beautiful tranquil surroundings. We combine both medical and psychological therapies to provide fast treatment, backed up by long term aftercare support. Within our residential facility we provide what we believe is the best environment for recovery – a tranquil, countryside location – comfortable and beautifully appointed facilities that better emulate a comfortable family home or boutique hotel style, rather than a clinical environment. We provide 24/7 staff to care for you as you recover – and you’ll join our full programme of daily activities designed to help you overcome your low mood. Our staff are highly qualified and experienced. They understand how you feel and are non-judgemental. They will treat you as an individual and respect and listen to your feelings. Often, being heard is the first step in recovery.

Call us today to chat, without obligation, about our service. Our number is free to call on 0800 690 6366. You’ll be speaking directly to our own staff team – the same team that will support and encourage you during your treatment and ongoing recovery. Bayberry has been providing local services for a decade – and has helped hundreds of clients and their families to recover.  You’re welcome to visit, by appointment, to view our facilities and talk more about your individual needs.