Anxiety Support in Solihull

Anxiety and panic attacks are hugely debilitating but misunderstood conditions that can render a person terrified and unable to make their loved ones understand what they are going through. Medical examinations usually return a finding of physical normality – while the person suffering feels as if their life is in immediate danger. This is hugely confusing and frightening for the sufferer. The question, ‘what are you anxious about?’ is asked regularly but the sufferer has no answer. The reality is that anxiety disorder and panic attacks are not usually about a real and present danger that is obvious to everyone; it’s about the brain’s detection of danger where there is no immediate threat.  This means that the sufferer is responding in a real way to a perception of danger – and unable to act in a normal, natural way to that real danger.

We understand anxiety disorder and anxiety issues. We understand how to quickly treat the underlying patterns, within our local clinics in Solihull, Birmingham and surrounding areas, that prompt the triggering of panic attacks. We understand the process of withdrawal from the world that ensues with anxiety and panic attacks and how much this impacts on your life. We also understand the fear of being unable to accurately convey the feeling of panic to our loved ones.

Part of our programme includes supporting the partner or significant family members to understand the feeling of anxiety and panic disorder – to properly be able to offer support with helping techniques and a new understanding of what can often be a frustrating condition for family members.

Recovery from anxiety disorder and panic attacks is a reality. We understand why this happens and how to approach it – and we’ll teach this to you. Many panic attack sufferers will scour the internet looking for help and support – and will often have tried many different techniques to try to alleviate their symptoms. Call us today, on freephone 0800 690 6366, without obligation, and we’ll explain how we will approach and support the panic attacks, panic disorder and anxiety disorder that is diminishing your quality of life.