Alcohol Detox

Detoxification (also known as ‘detox’) is the process by which an individual ceases to be dependent upon alcohol, drugs or prescription medication. In the case of alcohol, medication is usually given to prevent any adverse effects of alcohol withdrawal. We recommend that anyone wanting  stop drinking seeks advice and support due to the potential effects of withdrawal. At Bayberry, the average time for detox is 7 – 10 days, however clients are able to participate in psychological therapies usually from day one or two. All detox is overseen by our clinical lead – an addiction specialist mental health nurse prescriber – supported by our GP and consultant psychiatrist as required. We monitor the detox carefully, maintaining clinical observations throughout, to provide for a gentle process that is well supported.  Within a few days, clients are usually feeling significantly better, their appetite and sense of taste are returning and their energy levels increase as they start to enjoy the excellent selection of food on offer. With this energy, comes the capacity to exercise, which in turn helps to promote sleep.  Our medical team may also prescribe a course of highly concentrated vitamins, that further support recovery and wellbeing. We ensure that during detox we protect physical well-being as well as promoting psychological well-being.