Drug Detox

Detoxification is the process by which an individual ceases to be dependent on a substance. Some drugs create a physical dependence, which results in a physical withdrawal effect that needs to be managed by medical professionals. Other drugs create a psychological dependence – a reliance upon them as a method of coping with life.

Either way, drug detox is the process of becoming free of the control of the substance – regaining independence of emotion and self-regulation. Drug dependency is a constantly escalating pursuit – tolerance builds, meaning that people take more to achieve the same effect. There are many dangers of drug dependency – both physical and psychological – and the habit of drug taking often leads to severe financial issues, breakdown of family relationships, crime, loss of status and loss of work or career.

Bayberry provides expert detoxification from substances – whether heroin, opiates, cocaine, cannabis, marijuana, spice, speed, ecstasy, hypnotics (sleeping tablets), benzodiazepines or synthetic substances.